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Spend the Summer Outside with the Mustang Wooden Playset

When it comes to your children (and oftentimes, grandchildren), we all want them to spend as much time as possible outside, as we all know how important it is to be keep active in today’s times. Remaining active is crucial as we find ourselves in the summer season, where the kids are no longer structured by school. With the Mustang wooden playset from the playground technicians with Backyard Fun Factory, you can rest assured that your children or grandchildren will be offered endless entertainment, all summer long.

The unique features of the Mustang wooden playset offer much to do for active children, and is especially challenging and entertaining for children as they get older. Smaller children can find fun on the lower levels, perhaps even enjoying the Lemonade Counter. Older children can find outdoor adventure on the 7’ Rock Wall or the Upper Level Fun Deck. A slide offers an easy way down, before your little one can start the climb all over again. As always, our playsets come with the option of plentiful additions, allowing you to fully customize your child’s backyard experience to your utmost satisfaction. With Backyard Fun Factory on your side, you will know that your children will be in store for a thrilling summer. And with our quality guarantee and materials made right here in the U.S., you can feel good about it, too.

Our family-owned business is fully prepared to provide your backyard with hours of fun. Your backyard should be a haven for fun and safe activities for your children, and with Backyard Fun Factory, it will be. For additional information regarding our Mustang playset, give us a call at 1-866-475-5375 or contact us online today.

Fort Stockton Playset Offers the Best in Backyard Fun

Backyard Fun Factory offers a wide selection of popular playground equipment that will provide outdoor fun for your entire family. Our equipment creates an attractive backyard play area that will provide years of enjoyment for your children.

Our sturdy play structures encourage children to play outdoors instead of watching television or playing video games. They will be delighted to invite their friends to come over to play in their fort. Our forts capture children’s imaginations, allowing them to pretend they are anything that their creative minds can come up with. The possibilities are limited only by your child’s imagination. Our play structures are designed to accommodate adults as well as children so that parents can join in the fun.

Our most popular model is our Fort Stockton, a massive redwood playset that keeps children entertained for hours. This backyard fort contains a variety of features to keep your child active: a rock wall, slide, monkey bars and a swing set. The fort also includes fun accessories such as a steering wheel and binoculars so children can pretend to be a captain navigating a ship through the ocean. Your children will love fort additions such as the Gigantic Spiral Tube Slide or a Redwood Glider for the swing set. The cabin on the upper level is enclosed so that your child can play outside and remain sheltered from wind and rain. Depending on your preference, you can also include an enclosed cabin on the lower level.

Backyard Fun Factory is family-owned. We started this business to bring families together and create fun family memories. Our playhouses are made in America of high quality materials. Your children deserve to have a safe and enjoyable outdoor area to stretch their imaginations. If you are ready to create a unique backyard playground, contact Backyard Fun Factory at 1-866-475-5375.

Celebrate Springtime with the Fort Stockton Playset from Backyard Fun Factory

As the temperatures increase and we find ourselves spending more and more time outside, it is more important than ever to make sure your children can keep themselves entertained from the safety and comfort of your own backyard. What better way to keep your kids occupied this springtime than by having our playground professionals install a Fort Stockton playset right in your very own backyard? Our knowledgeable and trusted backyard playground designers can do this for you.

One of our most popular models, the Fort Stockton playset offers the opportunity for extreme amounts of fun for both children and adults alike. Whether they are crossing the monkey bars or coming down the slide, your child will be entertained, and outside, for hours to come. Features like a climbable rock wall and whimsical crooked windows will provide your child with plenty to do, and plenty of reason to spend the afternoon outside, rather than inside playing video games or watching television. This two level fort includes all the features and amenities your child will ever need, included a closed-off upper cabin, should the temperatures ever dip below normal. Our family-owned company employs skilled minds and creative craftsman, providing you with peace of mind that your child will be able to play in a comfortable, entertaining, and most importantly of all, safe environment.

For the very best in backyard playsets, Backyard Fun Factory is the name to be trusted. For additional information regarding backyard forts, give us a call at 1-866-475-5735 or contact us online today.

Mustang Wooden Playset from Backyard Fun Factory

Backyard Fun Factory is proud of the Redwood playset line and the versatile and imaginative Mustang wooden playset. This Redwood set has some of the basic features of other models, but the Mustang adds a lemonade stand for refreshments while at play. The playsets are interchangeable and parts are standard so that features of one model can easily be added or attached to another. To encourage children’s active imagination, these wooden playsets are built of quality materials and a safe design.

Mustang Model Features

The Mustang playset starts with a unit that includes a fun lower porch with lemonade counter. Children enjoy the rustic fort and a bar on the side porch with stools for sitting and sipping a favorite drink before engaging in active play once more. This wooden play equipment is sure to tempt children of all ages to use their muscles in the attractive outdoor play area. Young ones can have fun on an attached Toddler Bucket swing and older children can use the rock climbing wall and added attached belt swings.

The Mustang model does not include the swing set, but a swing set can be easily added. The unit is simple to transform into a fort with swing beam like the Fun Shack Series has. The Mustang fort does come with an upper fun deck and a lower cabin. The lower level has the side porch with the lemonade counter. The rock wall, slide and ladder also come with the set.

A Safe and Fun Place

Long-wearing treated cedar wood and other quality materials make up these well-made sets. Bring home products like the Mustang model and construct fun places for children to play in backyards and gardens. Backyard Fun Factory creates play equipment that is tested and proven safe. For more information on these excellent products and to place orders for the Mustang and other play equipment, call 1-866-475-4735 today!

Maverick Play Set Footprint from Backyard Fun Factory

Are you ready to move your children from the square electronic box to the outdoors? Backyard Fun Factory has just what you’re looking for when it comes to outdoor play.

Installing a backyard playset will provide years of outdoor fun for your children. Just think of the imaginative play that will keep your kids occupied for hours. Our redwood playsets have numerous pieces that can be added on in later years for sustained interest by kids. Grandparents find these additions make the perfect present for those extra special grandchildren. In addition to the basic wooden playset you can purchase slides, forts, punching bags, rock walls and other delights. Your yard will be the gathering place for neighborhood children. You’ll always know your children are safe at home, getting exercise and fresh air in their own backyard playground.

Our made-in-America backyard playhouses are the finest in the industry. We use only California Redwood which is the standard for yard playscapes. We have the safety of your children in mind and only use counter-sunk boltholes. Hand and guardrails are installed on all our systems, making these backyard forts and playsets the safest you can find.

Instead of spending hour upon hour in front of some electronic media your children will be outside, engaging in imaginative play all day long. They can become explorers, leading their teams to search for unknown lands, or ship captains ready to sail the Seven Seas. As they climb up, over, across, hang and jump they’ll be developing their muscles as well as their minds. Your entire family will find themselves outside to watch and interact with such happily engaged youngsters. Think of the joy you’ll feel when you hear, “Hey Mom! Watch me!” as your child races up the rock wall.

Backyard Fun Factory is the industry leader in playscapes. We’re ready to provide you with a playground that will provide years of service and fun for your family. Call us at 866-475-5735 and let us help you decide which system will best suit the needs of your family.