Maverick Play Set Footprint from Backyard Fun Factory

Are you ready to move your children from the square electronic box to the outdoors? Backyard Fun Factory has just what you’re looking for when it comes to outdoor play.

Installing a backyard playset will provide years of outdoor fun for your children. Just think of the imaginative play that will keep your kids occupied for hours. Our redwood playsets have numerous pieces that can be added on in later years for sustained interest by kids. Grandparents find these additions make the perfect present for those extra special grandchildren. In addition to the basic wooden playset you can purchase slides, forts, punching bags, rock walls and other delights. Your yard will be the gathering place for neighborhood children. You’ll always know your children are safe at home, getting exercise and fresh air in their own backyard playground.

Our made-in-America backyard playhouses are the finest in the industry. We use only California Redwood which is the standard for yard playscapes. We have the safety of your children in mind and only use counter-sunk boltholes. Hand and guardrails are installed on all our systems, making these backyard forts and playsets the safest you can find.

Instead of spending hour upon hour in front of some electronic media your children will be outside, engaging in imaginative play all day long. They can become explorers, leading their teams to search for unknown lands, or ship captains ready to sail the Seven Seas. As they climb up, over, across, hang and jump they’ll be developing their muscles as well as their minds. Your entire family will find themselves outside to watch and interact with such happily engaged youngsters. Think of the joy you’ll feel when you hear, “Hey Mom! Watch me!” as your child races up the rock wall.

Backyard Fun Factory is the industry leader in playscapes. We’re ready to provide you with a playground that will provide years of service and fun for your family. Call us at 866-475-5735 and let us help you decide which system will best suit the needs of your family.

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