Playhouse Accessories

Playset Fort Additions from Backyard Fun Factory

With winter drawing to a close, it’s exciting to think about the outdoor activities that your children will be involved in during the coming weeks. While many springtime activities involve running to organized events, the easiest way to promote an active lifestyle for your children is to bring the playground to them. Your own backyard playground is perfect for encouraging your youngsters to be active and healthy, and Backyard Fun Factory is an outstanding source for high quality play equipment.

Backyard Fun Factory provides you with many outstanding choices in redwood playsets, perfect for creating an exciting play environment that will encourage hours of pretend play. Your child will enjoy his attempts to swing to the highest of heights, imagining that he is on a mission to Mars or beyond. He or she will thrill as he slides, climbs, and competes with siblings and friends. There is so much fun to be had with just a basic playset.

If you already have a backyard playset, this is the perfect time to think about adding on. Backyard Fun Factory has a wide range of additional accessories to choose from, and one of the most exciting options is Redwood fort additions. Every child loves the idea of having his own clubhouse or fort, and whether you decide on our simple Half Shack fort addition, a full-sized Look Out Shack, or the Monkey Bar Fun House Package, you can provide your children with an exciting playhouse environment that will be remembered for a lifetime. You can create a complete one or two story play area now, or you can select different elements each year, tailoring the playset to the developmental needs and interests of your children. High quality design and materials provide you with reliable play equipment that will last throughout your child’s formative years.

If you have a desire to add fun accessories to your child’s play fort, then you will definitely appreciate many of the furnishings and add-on elements that we offer. A wooden hammock or stool is perfect for creating a resting spot, while binoculars and captain’s wheels are excellent accessories for promoting creative thinking and pretend play. Install a Texas Twister slide to provide a fun escape route from the elevated fort. Add a mailbox for leaving secret messages. There is no end to the fun that is to be had as you expand your set.

Be sure to explore all of the wonderful fort and clubhouse additions that are carried. Call Backyard Fun Factory at 1-866-475-5735 to get the latest pricing and deals on Redwood additions and backyard forts.

Mustang Wooden Playset from Backyard Fun Factory

Backyard Fun Factory is proud of the Redwood playset line and the versatile and imaginative Mustang wooden playset. This Redwood set has some of the basic features of other models, but the Mustang adds a lemonade stand for refreshments while at play. The playsets are interchangeable and parts are standard so that features of one model can easily be added or attached to another. To encourage children’s active imagination, these wooden playsets are built of quality materials and a safe design.

Mustang Model Features

The Mustang playset starts with a unit that includes a fun lower porch with lemonade counter. Children enjoy the rustic fort and a bar on the side porch with stools for sitting and sipping a favorite drink before engaging in active play once more. This wooden play equipment is sure to tempt children of all ages to use their muscles in the attractive outdoor play area. Young ones can have fun on an attached Toddler Bucket swing and older children can use the rock climbing wall and added attached belt swings.

The Mustang model does not include the swing set, but a swing set can be easily added. The unit is simple to transform into a fort with swing beam like the Fun Shack Series has. The Mustang fort does come with an upper fun deck and a lower cabin. The lower level has the side porch with the lemonade counter. The rock wall, slide and ladder also come with the set.

A Safe and Fun Place

Long-wearing treated cedar wood and other quality materials make up these well-made sets. Bring home products like the Mustang model and construct fun places for children to play in backyards and gardens. Backyard Fun Factory creates play equipment that is tested and proven safe. For more information on these excellent products and to place orders for the Mustang and other play equipment, call 1-866-475-4735 today!

Playset Equipment Accessories from Backyard Fun Factory

At Backyard Fun Factory, we believe that every child is unique. Some children love simple outdoor recreation — climbing and clambering, sliding and swinging on a backyard playset. Others prefer imaginative play, and love pretending to be swashbuckling pirates or adventurous explorers. Then there are the young entrepreneurs. You understand your own child’s preferences better than anyone, and with our playset accessories, you can design your child’s own personalized backyard playground.

Transform your child’s playset into a ship sailing the high seas with our telescope, ship’s wheel and water cannon. For those energetic young climbers, we have ropes, ladders and monkey bars. Let them swoop back to earth on the Wonder Wave slide or Texas Twister. We offer a chin-up bar and punching bag for those young athletes in training. Add the climbing rockwall to their backyard fort for young adventurous who dream of scaling mountains.

We have gliders, swings and hanging tires for kids who love to feel like flying, and we offer an adult-sized chair swing for Mom or Dad as well. A sandbox kit and cover is available for those quieter ones who prefer to build sandcastles rather than storm pretend battlements and dash up pirate boardwalks.

Is your child a budding entrepreneur? Our lemonade stand will provide the perfect backdrop for offering drinks to neighborhood friends. Add a built-in or stand-alone picnic table to provide plenty of seating. Our wooden hammock also provides a comfortable place to recline during those lazy days spent reading or dreaming.

You can depend on us to provide your child with a redwood playset that is not only exciting, but safe and durable as well. From the plasitsol covered chains on our wooden swing set accessories to the redwood stain specifically formulated for playground equipment, safety has always been paramount in our designs. In addition, every wooden component has been carefully molded to prevent splinters.

Summer is approaching! Call Backyard Fun Factory at 1-866-475-5735 to start planning your child’s ultimate backyard playhouse today.