Mustang Playset

Adventures Await on the Mustang Backyard Playset

If you want a great redwood playset for your kids, look no further. Backyard Fun Factory has all the fun and safety you could ask for in a backyard playground, and more! In addition, all our playsets are affordably priced, so you and your family can look forward to years of affordable fun with our products!

If you’ve ever wanted a playset that will:

  • Keep children entertained for hours
  • Be safe, non-toxic and kid-friendly
  • Easy to construct, install and remove if necessary

Then you’re looking for a Backyard Fun Factory playset. Why struggle with problematic and dangerous lumber and tools when you can have an amazing prefabricated playset for your kids today?

Of all the backyard forts on the market, our Fort Worth playgrounds are especially viable as long-term, child-friendly entertainment that gets your children off the television set and out into the yard. If you want your child to be healthy and strong, you should encourage outdoor play, and nothing encourages play quite so much as a good playground set from Backyard Fun Factory.

The sets have many uses to children with lots of imagination, including:

  • A setting for a game of tag
  • A private fort where they can enjoy a great view of the yard
  • An imaginary pirate ship, crow’s nest or other phantom entertainment

You don’t have to struggle or come up with elaborate schemes to entertain your child: Our sturdy and easy-to-install yard forts in Forth Worth will do it all for you. Finally, our forts are all constructed from safe, non-toxic materials that are great for playing on and not abrasive to the skin or dangerous to use. We pride ourselves on a great design and healthy, affordable yard fort design.

So why wait? You could have an entertainment complex far better than any TV that also encourages your kids to stay active: try a Fort Worth backyard fort today! You could enjoy a great new feature for your yard that keeps kids having fun for days. Call 1-866-475-5735 !

After School Fun with the Mustang Wooden Playset

Mustang Playset BlueprintA new school year may have started, but this doesn’t mean that summertime play has to end! Kids are going to be kids, no matter the season, so ensuring they have a safe and fun environment to play in is crucial to their happiness. Additionally, outdoor playtime contributes to a child’s overall health, helping to develop their mind, body, and spirit. Many research studies recommend that children get at least 30 minutes of playtime outdoors every day to stay healthy and happy.

At Backyard Fun Factory, we understand the importance of outdoor play, which is why we’ve created a line of spectacular backyard playsets that will keep your kids playing for years to come. Our Mustang wooden playset comes with everything that a developing child needs in a playground, including a climbing wall, a swingset, and a wave slide. Also included are a Lower Porch, complete with a faux lemonade counter, and an Upper Fun Deck where children can look out over their backyard.

This particular model is specifically designed with older children in mind, and stands at a staggering 7 feet tall. However, it can also be the perfect model for families with growing children. While younger kids may be too nervous to climb the rock wall or slide down the 14 foot slide at first, they will definitely grow into the challenges that the Mustang playset provides.

Backyard Fun Factory is a family-owned wooden playset company in Fort Worth, TX. We firmly believe in the power of outdoor play time for kids, and our backyard playsets are perfect for daily activities. All of our redwood playsets are completely safe, are weatherproof, and are very easy to install. For more information, talk to one of our installation experts by calling 817-330-4429 today.

Spend the Summer Outside with the Mustang Wooden Playset

When it comes to your children (and oftentimes, grandchildren), we all want them to spend as much time as possible outside, as we all know how important it is to be keep active in today’s times. Remaining active is crucial as we find ourselves in the summer season, where the kids are no longer structured by school. With the Mustang wooden playset from the playground technicians with Backyard Fun Factory, you can rest assured that your children or grandchildren will be offered endless entertainment, all summer long.

The unique features of the Mustang wooden playset offer much to do for active children, and is especially challenging and entertaining for children as they get older. Smaller children can find fun on the lower levels, perhaps even enjoying the Lemonade Counter. Older children can find outdoor adventure on the 7’ Rock Wall or the Upper Level Fun Deck. A slide offers an easy way down, before your little one can start the climb all over again. As always, our playsets come with the option of plentiful additions, allowing you to fully customize your child’s backyard experience to your utmost satisfaction. With Backyard Fun Factory on your side, you will know that your children will be in store for a thrilling summer. And with our quality guarantee and materials made right here in the U.S., you can feel good about it, too.

Our family-owned business is fully prepared to provide your backyard with hours of fun. Your backyard should be a haven for fun and safe activities for your children, and with Backyard Fun Factory, it will be. For additional information regarding our Mustang playset, give us a call at 1-866-475-5375 or contact us online today.

Mustang Wooden Playset from Backyard Fun Factory

Backyard Fun Factory is proud of the Redwood playset line and the versatile and imaginative Mustang wooden playset. This Redwood set has some of the basic features of other models, but the Mustang adds a lemonade stand for refreshments while at play. The playsets are interchangeable and parts are standard so that features of one model can easily be added or attached to another. To encourage children’s active imagination, these wooden playsets are built of quality materials and a safe design.

Mustang Model Features

The Mustang playset starts with a unit that includes a fun lower porch with lemonade counter. Children enjoy the rustic fort and a bar on the side porch with stools for sitting and sipping a favorite drink before engaging in active play once more. This wooden play equipment is sure to tempt children of all ages to use their muscles in the attractive outdoor play area. Young ones can have fun on an attached Toddler Bucket swing and older children can use the rock climbing wall and added attached belt swings.

The Mustang model does not include the swing set, but a swing set can be easily added. The unit is simple to transform into a fort with swing beam like the Fun Shack Series has. The Mustang fort does come with an upper fun deck and a lower cabin. The lower level has the side porch with the lemonade counter. The rock wall, slide and ladder also come with the set.

A Safe and Fun Place

Long-wearing treated cedar wood and other quality materials make up these well-made sets. Bring home products like the Mustang model and construct fun places for children to play in backyards and gardens. Backyard Fun Factory creates play equipment that is tested and proven safe. For more information on these excellent products and to place orders for the Mustang and other play equipment, call 1-866-475-4735 today!